Saturday, January 24, 2009


Pooling Around

Sad and lonely Lily sat,
Cold and hungry next to the cat.

She wasn’t at home,
In her little hole,
Someone had picked her up,
And left her alone.

She wondered what she could do;
How she could get out of this hullabaloo.
Cat wouldn’t be of any help,
For all she cared about was herself.

She sat thinking for a while,
Until she heard a great big sigh.
Cat had turned and was looking at her,
With those green eyes and that familiar purr.

In less than a minute Lily was in her mouth,
Travelling across the room, headed south.

Cat jumped on to the table and looked around,
Soon enough Katy she found.

She left Lily by Katy’s side,
And jumped off the table,
Happy to have given Lily a ride.

(on a pool table)

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Back Man

Driving like a maniac, screeching through the roads, Backman reached the apartment where they’d holed up the hostage. He got out of his car and walked into the dungeon-like apartment. In the thick of the night, Backman camouflaged into the darkness. His black suit disappearing into nothingness. Some minutes later, the sounds of meow-weon, bow-wow, croak-groak, moo-woo filled up the surroundings, followed by a spell of silence. And then, Backman returned with his sidekick, Backdog. He now had to get away as soon as he could. Back to where it all began. Back to the past. Back three days. Back to the backseat.

(on the backseat of the car)

Friday, January 16, 2009


The Leaf Chronicles VI

Leaf 1: Calcutta

Leaf 2: Amsterdam

Leaf 1: Manila

Leaf 2: Atlanta

Leaf 1: Amritsar

Leaf 2: Ranchi

Leaf 1: Indiana

Leaf 2: Athens

Leaf 1: Shimla

Leaf 2: Africa

Leaf 1: That’s not a city.

Leaf 2: We’re playing cities?

(On a potted plant)



Take a deep breath. Feel the negativity go deep into your lungs. Let it swirl around and cling to each and every cell that throbs with life there. Yes, I am the One, I spew out negativity from within grey buildings. I suck out the bad, and spit out the evil. I cleanse, I reveal, I scrub. Stare at me for a few seconds. Yes, look deep into my eyes and you will see the blackness of billions. The curry that burnt, the cigarettes that stubbed, the foul words hurled across rooms, the unrest, the turmoil, the worries for a weekend lost, the curses for an email gone. All of them, right here, as we speak, come straight out. I take what’s in, and push it out. I take what’s bad, and put it in the good. I make the Out In. So. Do you want to go back in?

(On an airconditioner vent anywhere)


Still there

“Say ‘Aaaaah’”, said the wisdom tooth to the milk tooth (that was about to come off in exactly 5 minutes). The milk tooth gave him a nasty look, “Ya, right, and if I say that I’ll fall right off, I’ve seen you do it to my sister. Poor thing, she totally fell for that, and the minute she said Aaah she just dropped right off.” The wisdom tooth pulled out a bit of chicken meat out of his head, and tossed it out nonchalantly, “Puh-leeese, it wasn’t my fault she fell out. She was born weak. The weakest ones leave first. I’m waiting for her reincarnated self to appear. She’ll be a bonny young lass, yes.” The baby milk tooth looked sad for a minute, and then he thought of how when he leaves he’d leave a bit of himself behind. So that when his reincarnated self appears, it’d be him. So he closed his eyes, and concentrated on leaving his soul behind before he fell out. After a minute the li’l fella opened his eyes, and said ‘Aaah’. He fell out. But the wisdom tooth shuddered. Knowing he was still around.

(On a tray at the dentist’s)


The Leaf Chronicles V

Leaf 1: Can you wipe the dew off today?

Leaf 2: No.

Leaf 1: That was a rhetorical question.

Leaf 2: You can’t ask me rhetorical questions.

Leaf 1: Ok. Wipe the dew off.

Leaf 2: You can’t order me around.

Leaf 1: Ok. Please wipe the dew off.

Leaf 2: You can’t order me around politely either.

Leaf 1: That was a polite question.

Leaf 2: You can’t ask me polite questions.

Leaf 1: Will you just wipe the dew off!

Leaf 2: The only reason I’m not divorcing you is the children!

Leaf 1: We don’t HAVE any.

(On a potted plant at Ambara)


Tcherr’s Tale

It was a dark and stormy night. Tcherr didn’t realise it was the lightning that woke him up, he thought it was a bad dream. And now that he was up, he thought he may as well get a drink of water. Standing next to the window with the glass in his hand, he wondered why he had that bad dream the previous night, it wasn’t like he was an evil person to have such an evil dream. The horror of it, he shuddered to relive it. The images were vivid. The same dream every day. A child sits on his lap. The child is already scared and Tcherr can feel it, he can sense the fear that sends shivers down that tiny soul’s spine. Then the child clutches Tcherr’s arms, digs his nails into it, and starts wailing. Tcherr wonders why the child can’t just get off him and do the crying, but eerily enough, the child was strapped onto Tcherr. It wasn’t like Tcherr wanted the child trapped like that, but that was the way it was. A dentist’s chair was probably the worst thing to be.

(On the dentist’s chair)