Thursday, January 8, 2009


Altogether Now

It all happened at once.

"Cr-ob" sobbed the wet frog, pretending to weep,
"Meh" sighed the little dog, fast asleep,
"A-choo" went the little girl and again - "A-tishoo!"
All the bored spider said was "Shoo, fly, shoo!"

"Eeeeeep" cried, in consternation, the light fairy elf,
"Grrrr-rrrr" growled the pink panther on the third shelf,
"Shh-shhh" shushed the old lady as she put on her shoe,
And all the happy big white cow said was "Mooo".

"Aaaaah" yelled the dwarf as he slipped on butter
"Oh no!" the beautiful lady said, all a-flutter,
"Thwack", she hit her forehead in failure to warn,
And thats when I woke up wth big wide Yawn.

Good day!

(On a potted plant)

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