Thursday, January 8, 2009


Get Set

Jimmy woke up early one morning and decided to go for a jog. He brushed his teeth, wore his track pants and sweats, combed his hair and looked for his running shoes. It’d been long since he ran. The shoes were dusty and were sitting right at the back of the rack. With great difficulty he pulled them out, wiped them clean and put them on. The shoes were special, his dad had gifted them to him on his last birthday. He stepped out of his house and started running. After running for about half an hour he stopped. But something very strange happened. Even though he had stopped, his shoes hadn’t. They continued to run. Jimmy didn’t know if this was a dream or happening for real. That morning Jimmy’s shoes ran for their dear life. Ever since he’d got them, he’d locked them up in that dusty rack. Unlike ordinary shoes, these running shoes hated being thrown in the corner. They craved for fresh air and running tracks. They must’ve run all across the city. I saw them pass by. I think they’re on a roadtrip.

(On a wall at Roadtrip)

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