Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Shanthi Srikanth

Welcome One. Welcome All.

"Athithi Devo Bhava" – isn't this a saying all of us have grown up with? True, guests are an honored  tribe. So are clients, customers, vendors, business partners, visitors, and all those who walk in past that threshold.
They arrive in various avatars – big, small, young, old, male, female, privileged, not-so-privileged, busy, trying-to-look busy, ….
They come to ask, to question, to clarify, to seek, to enquire, to offer, to deal,
to clinch, ….
They  make an appearance with an affable smile, an irritated glare, a quizzical gaze, a bearish grin, a challenging demeanour,  a defiant stare, a smug smirk, ….
 They walk in with a confident gait, a hesitant step, an arrogant look, a questioning eye, a patient ear, a cheesy grin,…
They all land because they have to , they need to, they must, they should,  they want to….
anyway, they would!!!!
And, to do the honors to each one of them as they cross that threshold ,
Presenting to you ladies and gentlemen, girls and boys, friends and foes, acquaintances and relatives,
The help desk, The 'RECEPTION DESK.'

(Next to the reception desk)

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