Sunday, January 4, 2009


The Proper Chair
A good chair's hard to find. You can travel the world and still not find the perfect one. But don't be sad I'll try to help you out. In getting you a chair that you might like.

Sit on me and see if it feels nice. So I know if this is the kind you'll like. And then I can go buy you a similar chair on a Wednesday, the day when the shops are full of new chairs that come from Zimbabwe.

A chair should be simple and comfortably soft. Made of wood that's strong and rare. Teak, and rosewood, cedar and pine, choosing the right wood needs a lot of care.

After finding the most perfect chair, be careful when you take it home. Get it wrapped with layers and layers of bubble wrap. This will prevent it from getting scratched or even breaking, godforbid it falls. And once it's home, open the wrap and sit on it comfortably. You're the owner of a brand new chair.

(On a chair)

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