Monday, January 5, 2009


Pick Me

The carpenter who gave me this shape was a hard working man. He loved finding things in wood. He found me the day he nearly lost a finger. On seeing me his face lit up, he forgot all about the almost broken finger and he smiled. With every cut and shave his smile grew wider and wider. He loved me; it was evident from the glow on his face. He didn’t sleep that night. He looked at me till the rays of the sun peered through the window and hit me. He then ran out of the room and came back with people. Not just one of two, a battalion of people. They all looked at me in awe. The small ones trying to push through just to get a glimpse of me. I felt important, I felt like his baby. But this doesn’t make sense, none of it. If he liked me so much, why did he give me up for adoption and leave me an orphan? Will you be as kind to adopt me?

(On any piece of furniture at Soul Scapes).

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