Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Happy New Ear

The 365th day of the year is an important one to us walls. No, no, we don’t go get drunk or anything. Instead we all get new ears. Because, like you, we too have ears. And they’re connected to the big ear in the big wall where the big man can hear you all. But, unlike you, ours get worn off in less than a year and need a replacement by around ummmm, September or so. But thanks to our early funds, we don’t get a replacement immediately, and we need to submit a neatly type-written document that informs the Board when exactly we lost our earship. Once we do that, we wait and wait and wait (deaf, of course) till New Year’s eve to get a new ear. “Happy New Ear, Happy New Ear, may this one be a good one”, we whisper to each other. And then we wake up bright and early on January first, and flap our ears around and pick up any little sound that passes by. A buzzed bee, a flapped butterfly, a hummed girl, a tested guitar, a bounced ball, a jazzed shoe. Eww, and early this morning? A gassed man.

(On the wall in the conference room)

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