Thursday, January 8, 2009


Leaf to Leaf

Leaf 1: Hey, do you have any special powers?
Leaf 2: I don’t think so. If I did, I would have been a superhero.
Leaf 1: Oh which means I’m superhero.
Leaf 2: Why? What power do you have?
Leaf 1: Well, I can make people sneeze.
Leaf 2: Really now, is that even a power?
Leaf1: Making people sneeze is a power you doofus. For that brief second these people stop talking and start sneezing.
Leaf 2: Ha ha, you sound like a copywriter.
Leaf 1: Of course I do, that’s another one of my powers.
Leaf 2: Ya right, like that’s a power!
Leaf 1: Anyway, the other day everyone who walked past me sneezed. I kept count; I made a total of 10 people sneeze.
Leaf 2: You’re funny.
Leaf 1: No, I’m a superhero.
Leaf 2: Whatever.

(On a plant in office)

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