Sunday, January 4, 2009


She was tired that day and decided to crash early listening to an old album of her dad's. It didn't take very long for her to drift away into a dream. It was a funny dream and all she could remember of it, was this funny song.

Bio labs oh bio labs

I've been working here all day

Writing experiments after experiments

Hoping to finish it all today.

Looking through the microscope

At dead cells and leaves,

I spotted my ray of hope.

There it was, a tiny creature

Deceptively similar to my kindergarten teacher

With a flute in its hand.

It sang:

Stop working so hard dear child,

Stop worrying about things,

I've come here to play you a song

So you can dream of the spring

Listen to my soothing flute,

Listen to it clear.

And sleep like a log,

Without any fear.

I happened to overhear her sharing it with her friends the other day. I don't usually eavesdrop but at the mention of the 'bio lab', I just got a little curious.

(In the Bio Lab at Aditi)

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