Thursday, January 8, 2009

Shanthi Srikanth

Lights On

Lights, lights, lights,
      Omniscient lights
At home,  in office,……
      Lights on, lights on
      No power
      Emergency light
      No charge
      Torch light
      Battery down
      Candle light
      No candles
      Oil lamp, lantern light, ----- get some light….pllllllease….
On the road, outside
      Sunlight, moonlight – straight from the Heavens
      Head lights
      Tail lights
      Brake lights
      Street lights - -----
      Mercury vapor lamps, Sodium vapor lamps, Solar lamps
      All giving light, light , light,
      Where would we be without them?
Any more lights?
      Of course!
      Neon lights, laser lights
      Indicator lights, search lights
      Flood lights,
      Hanging lights, static lights,
      Blinking lights, twinkling lights,
      Single lights, cluster lights,
      Colored lights, white light
       Bright lights, dim lights
      Lights, lights, lights, ……
Can we forget Thomas Alva Edison?
Hit the  sack, switch off the lights
Switch off ????????????
No, no, no – they get switched on …
…Elsewhere, Somewhere !!!!
Lights, lights, lights
      Omniscient lights………

(Poster on wall, anywhere)

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