Saturday, January 24, 2009


Pooling Around

Sad and lonely Lily sat,
Cold and hungry next to the cat.

She wasn’t at home,
In her little hole,
Someone had picked her up,
And left her alone.

She wondered what she could do;
How she could get out of this hullabaloo.
Cat wouldn’t be of any help,
For all she cared about was herself.

She sat thinking for a while,
Until she heard a great big sigh.
Cat had turned and was looking at her,
With those green eyes and that familiar purr.

In less than a minute Lily was in her mouth,
Travelling across the room, headed south.

Cat jumped on to the table and looked around,
Soon enough Katy she found.

She left Lily by Katy’s side,
And jumped off the table,
Happy to have given Lily a ride.

(on a pool table)