Wednesday, January 14, 2009


To Be Or Not to Be

Once upon a lime there lived an alien who so desperately wanted to know more about human beings, that he researched us for millions and millions of years. Sadly, the more he researched us, the more we kept evolving. So the alient went quite mad and died, and left all his notes and scribbles to his son, Ilian. Ilian, like all now-generation types was a cool dude, who immediately rang up Sheryl Crow and asked her what would be the best way to study humans, “In as short a timespan as possible, please, Miss Crow?”
“You know, Ilian, if no one sees you, you can study them well. The best thing is to be a wall.”
“Noooo way, that’ll take up too much universal energy.”
“How about a fly?”
“Nope, way too little.”
“A nail.”
“Like I said no to the fly??”
“Okay, how about a potted plant?”
“Do I look like a girl to you?”
“A broom?”
“A step ladder?”
“A shelf?”
“A painting?”
“A crack?”
“A poster?”

(On one of the walls of the conference room)

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