Thursday, January 1, 2009


The ship that sailed many seas and discovered many lands. The ship whose name was Dinosaur (inspired by you know what). The ship that no one's ever heard of wasn't as big as the Titanic. And it wasn't as small as Santa Maria, (the smallest of the three ships that Christopher Columbus owned). But it was big enough to weather many storms and a few whirlpools. The captain of the ship along with his crew took good care of it, stopping whenever they thought the ship needed a break.

One bright, un-stormy day the ship stopped by itself. The captain hadn't put down the anchor nor had the crew. They looked for an iceberg but it was summer and there are no icebergs then. The icebergs usually melt away in summer. Then they checked the ship's engine, which was working perfectly too. They wondered what this strange phenomenon was that had made the ship stop. The captain finally sent some of his people to dive into the sea to check what if there was something holding the ship back. When his crew members swam down, they saw a huge monster. They thought it was a dinosaur but dinosaurs can't live under water. Therefore they decided to call it the sea monster. The monster was holding on to the bottom of the ship with its huge teeth dug into it. The monster then lifted its head, making the ship look like a tiny toy in its mouth. Most of the crew fell off the ship, some died in it. The others floated away, like me, the door that shut the captain's cabin. But the ship was broken into pieces by the sea monster which is probably why, like the dinosaurs, the ship too is now extinct. And i survive as a door.

(On a door at Spastics Society)

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