Friday, January 16, 2009



Take a deep breath. Feel the negativity go deep into your lungs. Let it swirl around and cling to each and every cell that throbs with life there. Yes, I am the One, I spew out negativity from within grey buildings. I suck out the bad, and spit out the evil. I cleanse, I reveal, I scrub. Stare at me for a few seconds. Yes, look deep into my eyes and you will see the blackness of billions. The curry that burnt, the cigarettes that stubbed, the foul words hurled across rooms, the unrest, the turmoil, the worries for a weekend lost, the curses for an email gone. All of them, right here, as we speak, come straight out. I take what’s in, and push it out. I take what’s bad, and put it in the good. I make the Out In. So. Do you want to go back in?

(On an airconditioner vent anywhere)

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  1. as i started reading this post I thot it was abt a ciggarrete, then my curiosity got the better of me and I wanted to know ...WHAT:)