Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Shanti Srikanth


Can you imagine that – a world without light?
Why, whoever heard of a thing like that?
Yikes, yikes, a world without light
Yikes, yikes, a world without light????
That's what you and I would croon,… rather, wail today. But, hey, just sit back, close your eyes, and think about  the world several hundred years ago, when people waited for the sun or the moon to light up their planet.
Well, it all started as an idea, a wafer- thin one, but what a trail blazer it turned out to be!
Now, this idea didn't remain just an idea, it grew to be a lingering thought. And then, it recurred … morning , noon, and night, ….   until it threatened to take on obsessive proportions and soon became an all- consuming passion. For, he woke up with it, ate it, drank it, dreamt it,… and what you will.
 Very soon and most expectedly, the element of this idea caught on a glow, a mild one to begin with. It made him happy, but this isn't what he  had been aiming at.
" How can I make it brighter? How can I illuminate the world with it", he grilled his smoldering mind.
The fire in his belly started making its way up, creeping and crawling, now with a stumble and then with a jig. Minute by minute, day by day, it kept sprinting, attaining a radiance never seen or experienced before.
One bright day, it simply inundated his grey cells, setting them on fire. And then ,with a lightning burst of energy,  it exploded…  with such a brilliance that the world stopped, stood, gaped, smiled,  and got ENLIGHTENED.
That's the story of how the world got light.

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