Thursday, January 15, 2009


The Leaf Chronicles I

Leaf 1: Hey aren’t we from the same seed.
Leaf 2: Yes we are, I guess.
Leaf 1: We are. Doesn’t that make us brothers?
Leaf 2: Oh, you’re thinking. Again.
Leaf 1: No… please think about it. If we’re from the same seed, doesn’t that make us brothers?
Leaf 2: Yes it does, but now what?
Leaf 1: Let’s hug, we just found each other.
Leaf 2: And shed some tears right? You’re watching too much television.
Leaf 1: You know what your problem is, you have no feelings.
Leaf 2: Then why am I feeling intensely bored right now?

(On a plant at Ambara)

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