Sunday, January 4, 2009


Tell Tails

Here's an excerpt from a tete-a-tete between this pole and a dog.

Pole: Hi, Frumpy, you come to me only to take a leak but I've seen the dog in you that yearns to be heard. So here's your chance to pour your heart out. Tell me, is there anything you want humans to know about you?

DOG: Oh, ruff ruff. Yes indeed, there's a lot. Firstly, there is that car-chasing thing. We enjoy chasing cars, because we like running behind things that move faster than us. Which is why we chase other dogs and cats. We see them as a challenge.

Pole: What else?

DOG: We're dogs and we like being dogs, unhygeinic, but humans seem to want us to be clean and all. They don't get the fact that we aren't like them. We like it when we stink. They don't get us.

Pole: Okay, that's a tough one. Come on everyone needs to be clean….

DOG: (interrupting) There is just one more thing. They hate it when we bark. They yell at us for barking. But don't seem to understand that that's how we dogs communicate. If I have to speak to my friends who live in the next house, I have to bark.

Pole: Yes, I understand. I'll pass on your message to my readers. See you around buddy.

(On a pole, anywhere)

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