Thursday, January 15, 2009


The Leaf Chronicles III

Leaf 1: Hey, would you like to have some water?
Leaf 2: Yes I would.
Leaf 1: Go ask the gardener.
Leaf 2: Is that your idea of a joke?
Leaf 1: No seriously.
Leaf 2: Seriously ridiculous is what you are.
Leaf1: Or play dead.
Leaf 2: And then?
Leaf 1: And then the gardener will take pity on you and pour you some water.
Leaf 2: I play dead and you get the water.
Leaf 1: Of course what are friends for?
Leaf 2: Then why don’t you play dead?
Leaf 1: I am playing dead, don’t you see the way I’m hanging loose.
Leaf 2: So am I.
Leaf 1: Okay cool, let’s do this for a little longer and hope the gardener sees us.

(On a plant in Ambara)

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