Saturday, January 10, 2009


A Fall

Flying like a kite
Without any wings
I reached what might
Have been a solitary cloud

I sat on it
And wondered how
I had lost all that weight
I had gained from condensation.

An aerial shot
I saw from where I sat
It must have been houses
That looked like tiny matchboxes.

I decided to take
A closer look
And jumped off the cloud
That I was so comfortable sitting on.

I wasn't flying this time
I was falling.
Straight into a jam
Of tiny four-wheeled mechanics.

When I woke up
I realised I had become
What they credit
The aerodynamics of a car for.

It's not so bad
Living like this.
Compared to being
The invisible vapour on an invisible cloud.

(stuck on the ceiling of a car)

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