Friday, January 16, 2009


Still there

“Say ‘Aaaaah’”, said the wisdom tooth to the milk tooth (that was about to come off in exactly 5 minutes). The milk tooth gave him a nasty look, “Ya, right, and if I say that I’ll fall right off, I’ve seen you do it to my sister. Poor thing, she totally fell for that, and the minute she said Aaah she just dropped right off.” The wisdom tooth pulled out a bit of chicken meat out of his head, and tossed it out nonchalantly, “Puh-leeese, it wasn’t my fault she fell out. She was born weak. The weakest ones leave first. I’m waiting for her reincarnated self to appear. She’ll be a bonny young lass, yes.” The baby milk tooth looked sad for a minute, and then he thought of how when he leaves he’d leave a bit of himself behind. So that when his reincarnated self appears, it’d be him. So he closed his eyes, and concentrated on leaving his soul behind before he fell out. After a minute the li’l fella opened his eyes, and said ‘Aaah’. He fell out. But the wisdom tooth shuddered. Knowing he was still around.

(On a tray at the dentist’s)

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  1. hey these need to be published, these are brilliant:)!!