Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Muffin a watchman

This is no ordinary cabin. This is a portal that transports people to magical lands with supernatural creatures. One night when all were asleep, an unsuspecting security guard witnessed what most people can only read in books. Since this cabin is quite choosy about who it transports into the magical land, you too will have to read about the security guard’s experience for now. Here’s what happened.

Like most security guards, Raman (that was his name) too was fast asleep, snoring so loud that most robbers would run away just hearing him snore. Nothing anyone did could wake him up. Not the dogs, not the robbers, not even the rats that were chewing on his shoes. The cabin decided to have some fun. It took two quick 360 turns and poof, Raman was sitting on a huge chair in the land of muffins. Raman’s snore made all the muffins gather around him. They brought along with them knifes, grills, forks and spoons. When his snore reached a crescendo, unable to take it anymore, they started poking him. Raman woke up with a startle. He could smell them, their delicious freshly baked smell intoxicated him. But their pokes had left tiny bruises on him. Raman rubbed his eyes, was this for real? How had he come here? Was this a dream? Raman had questions that needed to be answered. He had another question, could eat one? He looked around him, the sea of muffins – blueberry, chocolate chip, vanilla, strawberry – made his stomach growl. He wasn’t thinking of the consequences now, he snatched a fork from one of them and dug into the biggest blueberry muffin and gobbled it. The muffin tasted delicious. But even before he swallowed it, Raman transformed into a muffin. His feet became sticky, his body bloated into a healthy little muffin. Raman was now one of the muffins in the land of muffins and never ate muffins ever again.

on a watchman's cabin (apartments)

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