Wednesday, January 7, 2009


A Best Friend

Once there was a pretty pink bottle with silver stripes and gold
stars. Her name was Penny.
What Penny wanted most was a best friend. Everyone had a best friend,
she wanted one too.
One day, as she thought about how to get a best friend, she saw a
little girl in a pink dress and silver shoes. Her dress had little
gold stars just like Penny's gold stars. That MUST be her best friend.
She tried hard to fall over. Her brother, Benny had fallen over and a
little boy had picked him up and bought him. So she tried to fall over
so hard. But she couldn't. As she looked down sadly, she saw a pair of
silver shoes coming towards her and she felt a small pair of hands
pick her up. She was so happy. She had found her best friend!

"Amma, I want this pretty bottle! See, it goes with my dress"
"Alright, Kyla, we'll get that. It's just the right size for you"
"Oh, thanks so much, Amma."
"I love you so much. I'll take you to school everyday", said Kyla as
she hugged the bottle.

And so she did. So, if you're lucky, look around and you'll see a
pretty little girl and her pretty little pink bottle and you'll know
they're the best-est of friends.

(On a wall, near the bags/outside in the pre-school)

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