Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Eats, cakes and leaves

With sugar and spice and everything nice, hummed Mamma Bear to the batter as she beat it up in hopes of getting the fluffiest, most drool-drawly, bearably bearilicious cake ever.

Ever since Baby Bear had lost a tooth (and the tooth fairy refused to take it), he had changed completely. “Drastically altered”, whispered Mamma Bear to her girlfriends at that week’s kitty party. He wet his bed at night, craved extra attention whenever Mamma Bear was on the phone, and just refused to acknowledge Papa Bear. This meant she had two babies to take care of at home. Sigh.

This should set things right, smiled Mamma Bear to herself as she poured the smooth batter into a neatly buttered tray. Ah, crumbled choco chip bits, I need to sprinkle those on top as well, thought Mamma bear as she reached for the daintily painted cookie jar that was kept well out of reach of the chubby paws of Baby Bear.

Just as she was keeping the cookie jar back, in rolled Baby Bear sniffing the air for he had got a whiff of the choco chips crumbling and melting into the creamy batter and had stumbled out of his playpen and into the kitchen.

Now Mamma Bear wanted the cake to be a surprise for her Baby Bear, so she quickly shoo’ed Baby Bear out of her kitchen, and back into the playpen.

And then she carefully took the cake and placed the tray into the pre-heated oven. Then she had a bit of time on her hands, so she thought she’d pretend to be Nigella Lawson and she strutted round the kitchen, licking chocolate icing off her fingers.
In a few minutes, the amazingly heady scent of rich dark chocolate cake stuffed to break-point with choco chips, filled the kitchen. That’s when Baby Bear went berserk banging the door, nearly breaking it down. Mamma Bear rushed around the kitchen, not wanting to ruin the surprise, then she quickly took off the apron, carried Baby Bear out into the garden (where there were no cakey smells) and then quickly dialed Papa Bear’s cell phone number.

“Hello, Papa Bear here,” said a gruff voice at the other end of the line.
“Please get back asap so we can go for a walk, I don’t want to ruin Baby Bear’s surprise cake, and need him out of the house.”
“Okay, I’m just turning in, so see you in a while, babe.”

Mamma Bear heaved a sigh of relief as she helped Baby Bear on with his walking shoes. This cake surprise was sure turning into a big beary pain for her. She waited at the gate, with a fidgety Baby Bear, while Papa Bear put on his walking shoes and joined them on a walk round the edges of the jungle suburbia.

And that’s when Goldilocks stumbled into the Bears’ home. What you didn't know is that Goldilocks was actually a sales person at a pastry shop in the city, and having eaten a cake herself, needed to replace the gobbled-up one.

Yes, Baby Bear's surprise cake is somewhere around here.

(At the pastry shop at Cafe Fresco's)

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