Thursday, January 8, 2009


Po Potion

Once upon a time there lived a wicked, wicked queen. A queen so gruesome that even the warts on her chin trembled when she spoke. A queen so mean that the hair sticking out of her beaky nose said ‘meanie, meanie, meanie’ whenever she sneezed and they were pushed out. A queen like no other had never ever walked those musty old stone corridors of the Castle Domordor.
The Dark Kveene, is what all the people knew her as, for fear of saying the word ‘Queen’ out loud and paying with their heads. And as her accomplice, lived the mad scientist Kventery. A man as wiry, and pasty as he not a soul had seen before. From the valleys of Domordor to the peaks of Gojonko, this mad man knew every trick up everyone’s sleeve.
Now one fine day, after eating 13 live deer and skinning 42 humans, The Dark Kveene and Scientist Kventery were taking a walk around the palace grounds, burping of course, because deer and humans are a deadly combination. Burping their way past the parking lot, they encountered Ferdoraya, the good fairy from the vales up North, where the good people lived. The fair of heart, the fair of hair and the fair of face. Ferdoraya, the good fairy, was sent by King Gonojereth, the fair King of the North who was obsessed with fairness and needed a fairness potion desperately from Scientist Kventery. Fairy Ferdoraya was in charge of getting it for Him.
Fairy Ferdoraya did much to get the fairness potion from Scientist Kventery. And when finally she did, she flew swiftly to King Gonojereth, who gulped it down in one swift motion, and turned so fair so fast that he became transparent. Yes, like see-through-transparent, glass-like-see-through etc etc.
Sigh, and as the eons tip-toed by, because of his sadness at not being seen, he got thinner and thinner and thinner. Till in the year, 2008 he was so thin and lifeless, that a car manufacturer decided to use him as their window glass.

(On the window of the car)

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