Sunday, January 11, 2009


Black & White

Out in the jungle Peter lost his way. He'd gone to fetch some wood for the bonfire he was planning to have that day. After tying a tight knot on the bundle that he'd managed to pick, he kept it on his bike and gave it a kick. The bike started tuk tuk tuk and he was on his way. But riding it helter-skelter is how he lost his way. Peter told himself not to panic and rode the bike like it was the Titanic. His bike would stop for no iceberg or herds of animals; he would ride it till he found his way home. Just as he made this resolution, he saw some zebras crossing. A really long line of them. The herd of zebras took forever to walk along. He was reminded of the zebra crossings in the city and the traffic that made him wait longer than this everyday.
He hadn't a clue that backseats like me have to endure it all their lives. With drivers who drive without a wheel in their hands.
Peter did manage to find his way home and had a bonfire too. But he never forgot the zebra crossing like I can never forget backseat driving.

On the backseat of the car

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