Wednesday, January 7, 2009


All Hung Up

Swish, Swish Swish, went the fan. Thump, thump, thump went his leg.
Seanna sighed. The heat was getting to everybody. And her back was
burning. It didn't actually 'burn'. If it actually started burning
then she would be terrified. But this was no better. She glared and
eyeballed at Mr. Thomas, as much as a curtain with no actual eyeballs
could glare and eyeball. When would he realize - would he ever
realize how miserable she was? She stiffened as her horrid sister
Bree, swayed and smirked at her in sympathy from the other window.
Oh! How she hated Mr. Thomas! And how she resented everyone else's
sympathy! As she felt a gentle breeze coming, she stiffened. There.
Now he would get little or no breeze. Serves him right for putting her
through the most horrible experience a curtain could have. And so
shameful, too. If she could cry or sob, she would have by now! It was
horrible! Whoever heard of a curtain that was hung up inside out! She
felt better when she thought of that happy day she managed to get all
soaking wet in the bad thunderstorm last winter. She had created such
a big puddle that Mr Thomas had slipped, fallen and sprained his
ankle. But all she could do today, was make it worse for that
incorrigibly careless Mr. Thomas by not letting the breeze in, on this
stifling hot day.

This is the story of Seanna, that unfortunate curtain in the living
room of the Thomas household. Her story should be a lesson to all of
you to never ever incur the wrath of a curtain by hanging her up
inside-out. Treat your upholstery with respect and they will respect

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