Thursday, January 15, 2009


Seated Love

In the beginning, Goth created tables and chairs. Goth preferred sitting while working, so he had no choice other than to create these first. The first chair he created was male. So there it stood. Handsome, brown, sturdy, and very alone. So Goth quickly made a female chair. And she stood shyly in the other corner. Standing wobbly on dainty, skinny legs, and looking coyly at the male chair. Then Goth created an armchair and he sat on it. And then he took a swig out of his bottle, and suddenly, he felt he had to be nasty. He pushed the chairs closer together so that they got to know each other well. And as all individuals who are alone and posed with another lone individual, they fell in love. Then Goth made a few calls, and asked for the two chairs to be separated. One was sent to Hawaii on a cruise liner. The other was sent to the corporate world. Here.

On a chair in a conference room

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