Sunday, January 4, 2009


Singing in the clinic
(is now prohibited)

There was once a patient who came here singing unlike most people who come here crying. The doctor too was shocked at his performance that seemed quite out of conformance. The place was wrong, the audience wasn't ready and his singing, well, was total cacophony. The people waiting in queue for the doctor couldn't take his bad singing and decided to let him finish his turn and get going. The man went in humming his tuneless melody and stopped only when the doc asked him if this was a parody. He told him about his cold, the viral that he thought he had caught. And once the doc had prescribed him the medication he asked him the reason for the terrible singing. The man laughed and answered this question, he said, "every time I sing I've noticed one thing. People seem to leave the room in the pretence of searching for a broom. On seeing the long queue at your clinic I thought of using my skill to break it" he continued, "and my plan worked so fine, everyone here asked me to skip the line. Here I am saving my time without even committing a crime". The doc didn't really have a choice but to laugh at this funny man who had made good use of his awful voice.

(In a clinic)

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