Friday, January 2, 2009


Once upon a time there lived a little, round berry. She was the cutest and fattest berry anyone had ever seen. She loved to go to school and play on the swings. She loved to wear her green chappals and soak her feet in the sun. She even loved folding her clothes whilst watching the rain outside. But the thing she loved most was twisting from side to side. She would twist while going to school, she would twist while sitting on the swings. She would twist while wearing her green chappals and twist while standing under the sun. She would also twist while she folded her clothes and watched the rain outside. Her mother would constantly remind her that this was a bad habit. She told her that if she walked into a job interview and began to twist, she would never get the job. She also told her that if she twists while eating, her food will not digest. But the little, cute, fat, round berry continued to twist everywhere and anywhere. God began to feel bad for her. He loved the little, cute, fat, round berry. He didn’t like to watch her getting into trouble with her mother every time she began to twist. He decided that the little, cute, fat, round berry should be allowed to do what she loved most, and not get shouted at for it. So he picked up his enchanted stick and turned the little, cute, fat, round berry into the swivel chair that you’re about to sit on.

(In the Spastic Society on a swivel chair)

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