Saturday, January 10, 2009


Bee a Bubble

Once upon a time in a magical land far, far away, there lived a bubble
called Polly. Polly was a beautiful, translucent bubble with hints of pink
and yellow. She bobbed and floated around all day, whistling and glistening
in the warm sunshine. She was a very popular little bubble; everyone loved
her. Grandma baked her gooey chocolate chip muffins every Sunday, Gardener
gave her fresh flowers every fortnight, Watchman let her sleep under the
stars as when she pleased and Tree let her rest on his old green leaves
when she was tired. She really was a lovely little bubble, lighting up the
land and their lives with her songs. Then one day, as Polly was floating
along, she heard a voice. The voice was whimpering and sniffling and asking
for its mother. Polly knew that she must find it. She floated around for a
little while, listening intently. Slowly the voice grew louder. And louder.
And louder. And then she saw it, sitting helpless on the petal. It was a
baby bee. It looked so sad and disheartened that a tear trickled down
Polly’s face. Baby bee’s wing was broken and her knee was hurt. She didn’t
know how to reach her mother who by now would be worried sick. Polly
thought very hard. She must help miserable baby bee reach her mother. With
her broken wing and hurt knee she wouldn’t be able to fly or walk. Polly
thought some more. And then she had an idea. She asked baby bee to climb on
to her. Once on Polly, baby bee didn’t have to use her wing or her knee.
She just floated along on Polly, all the way to her mother who was thrilled
to see her. Mama bee couldn’t thank Polly enough; she had just transported
an injured baby bee. From then on Polly transported injured bees to
wherever they wished, she even took them on rides if they had been
bed-ridden for too long. Through the years this became a Polly family
tradition. So, if you look closely enough whilst sitting on this swing, you
might just spot Polly’s son Nathan transporting an injured baby bee.

(on the swings/a swing at First Steps)

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